About Us

Struggling to find a unique gift for your best friends’ baby shower? Unable to think of an exclusive birthday gift for your children? Can’t find that adorable piece of furniture to decorate your baby’s nursery?

Welcome to The Tickle Toe – we are retailers of the best quality kids’ storage furniture, room decor & accessories.

Our goal is very simple, to supply and deliver the very best furniture items and room accessories & decor at the most economical price.

We are a team of enthusiastic and caring individuals who simply love what they do, and this is reflected within the great customer service that we provide.

We put not just our time but our heart in getting the best of the products for our little citizens.

Our Product Catalog

  • Do-IT-Yourself Fiber Plastic Cartoon Kids Closet Wardrobe Storage Unit
  • Children Thickened Fiber Cartoon Layer Cabinet Drawers
  • Wooden Cabinet Drawer
  • Wooden Step Stools
  • Trinket Chests
  • Multicolored Cartoon Puzzle Cut Out EVA / Foam Floor Mats
  • Kindergarten kids bags

Write to us with your requirement & we will be happy to assist.

Email : contact@thetickletoe.com

Mobile : 8826224224


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